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From the depths of the extremely rugged and incredibly beautiful Sonoran desert, comes a stunning new gemstone. The discovery was made in the quest for gold but this 2 to 4 ounce per ton ore has another purpose.

Born from primordial, metamorphic aqueous fluids, this gem was found to contain multiple precious and rare earth metals.  GIA testing revealed a mixture of gem quality Epidote and Pumpellyite among others as the main matrix along with various metals.

Visually, it has been best described as that of a snow-globe. An almost three-dimensional quality, which is further enhanced by natural sunlight.  The presence of various precious and rare earth metals along with the tenacious crystal structure of Sonoranite gives this gemstone a unique adventuressence unlike any other gemstone in the world!  Some of the metals in this rare material are - GOLD - SILVER - COPPER - PALLADIUM - COBALT - ZIRCONIUM - YTTRIUM and others!

Due to the hardness, averaging between 7- 8 mohs, extraction of the new SONORANITE gemstone presents quite the challenge. Only through painstakingly hard work and the use of small electric and mechanical hand tools, can we liberate the material without fracturing. No explosive or similar techniques can be utilized. It took 8 years of intensive work to bring this new gemstone to the surface. We are a family owned and operated mine who, through our meticulous nature, strive to bring you only the finest quality gemstones. We truly believe the beauty and mesmerizing quality of this, never before seen miracle of nature, will captivate your heart and imagination as it does ours...

We also mine some of the rarest Fluorescent/Phosphorescent material ever seen!  The colors of our Fluorescent/Phosphorescent minerals are truly world class and each piece is unique, much like Sonoranite!

Absolutely stunning Gem Silica, Turquoise, Malachite, and Azurite are also part of our mining operations.

We are the exclusive miners of these amazingly beautiful, exceptionally rare, Arizona Minerals and Gemstones!

Welcome to SONORANITE!